Knoobies stretch kneepads are ideal for tots ages 6mo - 5 years.  Little crawlers and city toddlers learn to walk, run and scooter on rough pavement and all too often fall and scrape their knees.

For parents and caregivers reluctant to dress their little ones in short duds to avoid these painful spills, Knoobies offers a colorful, comfortable solution in neutral colors as well as adventurous stripes to suit all wardrobes and occasions.   

Mommy tested and kid approved, knoobies do not hinder mobility, children don’t even notice they have them on.

Complete with a jute drawstring storage pouch, Knoobies make a great gift.  We are happy to offer compimentary gift-wrap of your knoobies as our thanks.  Just send us an e-mail or let us know at check-out.

Distributed by Sasha’s Tree, L.L.C., Knoobies are made in China, jute pouches are made in India.


Knoobies should fit snugly.  Please refer to the sizing guide below

before ordering.  If you feel your Knoobies are too tight, please return

or exchange unworn Knoobies within 14 days (30 days for international


Extra Small - For little knees measuring upto 7.5"

Small - For little knees measuring upto 8.5"

Regular - For little knees measuring between 8.5"-10”

TALLS - For tall little ones measuring over 3', and/or who's knees measure between 8.5-10”

Care and durability . Use and life

Knoobies are machine washable and may be tumble dried.  White Knoobies can be bleached.

Knoobies are rugged, and will not tear. simply slip on and let the fun begin, worry free.    

Knoobies should fit snugly as they are intended for activity and play.  They should be removed for child’s sleep as well as long periods of inactivity.